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How Indian Men React When Rapes Occur – A Snippet

Following are the comments made by mostly ‘men’ with pseudonyms reacting to the story of rape perpetrated by two ‘boys’ on an XI class girl. It appeared in Hindustan Times website(02/01/2013). The story is at the bottom.


Partha • an hour ago
and why did she agree to go to their flat………………for chanting HANUMAN CHALISA.togather
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saifuddin Partha • 16 minutes ago
xactly u r write
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Salman Partha • 22 minutes ago −
Hanuman Chalisa Great One
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AA • an hour ago
After a horrible incident why these girls little bit careful while attending such type of parties.
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Adhithan • an hour ago
“given a drink laced with sedatives” -In reality, most of the times these kinds of allegations are not true… so, please don’t compare this incident with the horrible bus incident.
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sandeep Adhithan • an hour ago
It seems you have done habitual raspiest in this way and so know the fact.
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Gurpreet Singh Chinda sandeep • 11 minutes ago
Wow ! You mean girls can go to stranger’s houses and get close to them but they should not expect any advances ! Wow ! What a brainless theory !
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Jon • an hour ago
Y u people make frndship with unknown persons, Y u go out with them as they call u?.. r u..all that lost?? nutcase??? cant even think by urself??? y u trust them so fast?? where r ur parents??? In every man there is a beast inside him some have control over it, others dont..I’M SORRY most of the Indian men don’t have control over their inner beast..
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Anil Panda • an hour ago
Rapists must be hanged, but one question how a gal went to meet unknown facebook friend and to his apartment?? And in Delhi after seeing all the incidents happening … verify the incident closely and punish the culprits to level best. for these few people whole country is again again being ashamed.
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srinu Anil Panda • 26 minutes ago
that is what man girls had to look for they growup physically but not mentally
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ginni • an hour ago
in this incident i would say that it was the gurl whose at fault how can u add some one whom u don’t know and moreover even if uve added Mr.x then at least check his or her background…sorry but its the gurl purely at fault….
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WHAT ginni • an hour ago

Perhaps you mean PARTIALLY.

The two rapists should hopefully also take some blame. I pray you just mis-typed.
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SJE • an hour ago
India keeps getting better and better.
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75sputnik SJE • an hour ago
Man – I just don’t know what to say about our country. Are we Indian men animals???
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SYE 75sputnik • an hour ago
No. Animals don’t even do such devious, evil, demonic things.
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Prakash SYE • 26 minutes ago
is she a braveheart too?
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sunday 75sputnik • 15 minutes ago
Go dancing with unknown persons and reap its benefits.
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FUQU sunday • 14 minutes ago
dancing should not lead to r@pe
even in India.

or maybe you wish to ban dancing, like the Taliban did in Afghanistan.
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Guest • 43 minutes ago
The comments are so very disgusting. People in general compare human criminals with ” ANIMALS”
Why !!
Have anyone ever seen an animal behaving like a human criminal !
Animals are fully disciplined. Always behave as per natural laws.
Be careful with your words – and do not insult poor animals.
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ankit kumar • an hour ago
It is very shameful who has done, such people is stringent punishment
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Swinder Singh • an hour ago
New year gift by the rapists to the country’s law makers Start on counting. Should have been better if reported on 01.01.2013 as it happened on 31st Dec.
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Harshith Swinder Singh • 40 minutes ago
Comparing ourselves to Animals will degrade their dignity! Even animals have rules and policies!
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Siddarth • 39 minutes ago
PRoud to be a Indian citizen 😛 😀 , Mera Bharath Mahan
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Sri • 38 minutes ago
why the hell she went to his flat… its mistake of her, not the one who invited for party…
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gagan • 26 minutes ago
girls of dis daes must b carful nd shud b self concious…… aftr knwng dat delhi’s incident. dat girls shud beware of demslf……………
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Ashish • 28 minutes ago
This is Bul**it. On the occasion of new year you are not supposed go to meet your unknown facebook friends in their flat for having drink. I am not extending any justification in favour of culprits and they must be punished but GIRLS please stop acting like “Alice in Wonerland” and before doing anything you must consider the inherent danger.
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Lee • 26 minutes ago
India’s name should be changed to Rapistan.
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ACTUALLY Lee • 26 minutes ago
It is in some publications.
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incredible • 12 minutes ago
Incredible India
land of female infanticide,
land of Malnutrition,
land of Child Labour,
land of GangR.a.p.e
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Kenko Cheznav • 23 minutes ago
We humans must be Better than this.
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Ma • 32 minutes ago
in this incident, may be gal or rapists are both wrong….why gal went to boys’s flat nd drunk too much….nd unknow fb frds raped her…delhi is the capital of india….so thats why there is many rape case….our law is weak….how dare the people do these ashameful things
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Dr K • 33 minutes ago
Is it possible the girl partied too hard and then made it up?
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tamacha • 38 minutes ago
What cheap standard newspaper? Trying to en-cash on public emotions. Fist thing to do is to remove corrupt, sub-standard journalists from media. We need a media clean up, everything will follow
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gurcharan • an hour ago
if girls version is true it is a dirty mentality of males in our Indian society . if somebody can tell how police could help preventing such rapes when girls goes to facebook friend’s flat willingly even without telling her parents .
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Nidhi • 16 minutes ago
Shame on all you commenting and blaming the girl. You and the rapists have exactly the same mentality. Always looking down on women
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man Nidhi • 14 minutes ago
This is India. All men are potential r.a.pists.
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San • 18 minutes ago
Incredible India – heaven for criminals and organized mafia.
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Faltunews • 21 minutes ago
I suggest this girl to take this type of drinks again and get …………………….. ed rubbish………
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Sandip Rana • 22 minutes ago
A major point is that pople make accounts with fake infermations make friends esp with girla in their early teens befool them imotionaly and then take physisal advantage of them allways be very vigilent for social networking site friends as nobody knows what the reality is …
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abhi • 25 minutes ago
It looks like the acts has been given the name of ra**.You seem right.But unfortunately there is no technology available to check the difference between ra** and consens*al act.
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surendra pal • 25 minutes ago
Not finding fault with the girl I would like to appeal to all youth not to indulge in this dirty game. It is too dangerous. Let us not bring bad names to our ancestors and culture.
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Omkar • 27 minutes ago
It was wrong happning
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Arindam Saha • 27 minutes ago
What the Hell….!! Worst the animals..!!
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SUSEELA • an hour ago
a word of caution before you step out with recent acquaintances .be judicious as predators are lurking in different guises .look out for tell-tale signs in your partners conversations , body languages and other traits that could give out his negative intentions. nonetheless the crime is condemned .a day is not too far wherein our women would be soon applying for firearms licenses .
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vkotra SUSEELA • 35 minutes ago
ya right…and we will start seeing shootings in the schools and bus stands…that would be an even better sight….
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The Story: (link)

Even before the ashes of the 23-year-old Delhi gangrape victim were immersed in the Ganga on Tuesday, another case of rape has been reported in the media
of a 17-year-old class X1 student by her Facebook friend on New Year’s Eve. According to reports, a class X1 student has alleged

that she was raped by two men on the night of December 31 in south Delhi’s Safdarjung Enclave area. The girl said that one of the man had befriended her on social networking site Facebook.
Reportedly, the girl has complained that two men allegedly sedated and then raped her. The two men have been arrested and sent to judicial custody.

According to the complaint, the girl was taken by the accused to their flat where she was given a drink laced with sedatives. The two men allegedly raped her after she fell unconscious.