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Mysore Silently Hosts Global Meet Of Space Scientists

Mysore, beautiful palace city  in southern Karnataka is hosting an international meet of world’s top space scientists from 75 countries to discuss about the future of space exploration and research.

It is being hosted by ISRO and the venue is serene Infosys campus.

The event is called – Cospar-2012 or the Committee on Space Research, and the theme of the event is – `Space for the benefit of mankind’. It will begin on 14th July.

COPSAR was established in 1958 at London meeting  to promote an international level scientific research in space.

Mysore is a good choice for the meet – presently weather is very pleasant, and the city has no traffic problems that plague other Indian cities. I am sure participants which include world’s topmost scientists will go back with good memories of the city.

It is in line with cultural and scientific ambiance of Mysore to host such an event. If it is successful, I am sure more such events will be hosted in future in the city.

Mysore is just 2 hr from Bangalore. But it doesn’t have an international airport though it has small domestic airport which is mostly non-functional. City is clean and most importantly it is non-congested.

Infosys campus is an ideal location as Mysore still do not have large conventional hall to host such meetings.

ISRO must be lauded for choosing lesser known but an ideal city for hosting and organizing global event.