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No-Fly Zone Over Libya

UNSC has authorised no-fly zone over Libya thereby halting the flight of Libyan fighter jets over its own territory. The rebels in Benghazi can now fight the Gaddafi forces with renewed vigor.

This man who is ruling Libya for more than 40 years, who calls himself as the head of the  Revolution must go as his people demand the same. How could anyone allow a single man to run their country for such a long period?

It is the will of the people that must triumph. Though late, UNSC has reacted to the looming crisis in Libya.

But the question is what will happen to that country after Gaddafi? Who will run it?

The opposition is not united, and USA, Britain and France will do everything to get the oil out of this country, and in the name of rebuilding the country they will award contracts to their countrymen, and any government which comes to power will have to be subservient to these three nations.

And there is a fear of return of hardcore Islamists. No war has ever been won, so anything done to this country should be cautious, and should be in the interest of the people of Libya and international peace.