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Cries on the Streets of Cairo

After the ouster of Ben Ali from Tunisia by the resentful, unemployed youth of that country, it seems the latent resentment elsewhere in the middle east is slowly erupting to cause fear in the hearts of monarchs and autocrats of that part of the earth.

Their demand is democracy.

And in India we are having a democratic demo-crisis, where democratically elected representatives have become demons that are threatening to destroy the democracy itself.

One big weakness of democracy is that you don’t have a big, valid reason to assemble like in Cairo or Tiananmen to protest against the government and sustain that protest for weeks.

You can not oust a government overnight in India because you know that the next government will be more corrupt than the previous one.

It’s a paradox – that I feel very safe here, in my country but also I feel ashamed of the corruption here.

What will be your agenda if you want to have a mass protest?

If anti-corruption is your slogan, then everyone in this country must be jailed;hanged; or exiled.

A strange world.