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Broad Spectrum of Corruption

A minister who is fond of reciting poems in press conferences and literary festivals; fond of announcing premature, impractical reforms in the education sector; fond of showing the world that he’s an intellectual par excellence adept in literature, science and technology and law – suddenly in hysterical urgency defends the father of ‘mother of all scams’ Mr Raja, and goes on to prove that his hysteria is indeed hysteria by saying that India didn’t lose a rupee because of the 2G spectrum scam.

Turbans, white hairs, starched sarees , white kurtas – they all honour the corrupt and nurture those talents all in the name of ‘shining India’, ‘superpower India’, and ‘Incredible India’.

When Mr Kapil SIbal, the man with the white hair  ridiculed CAG(comptroller and Auditor General)  of India, he not only denigrated the institution of CAG, he insulted the constitution itself. As far as I know the only institution that remains untainted to date in India is the CAG. Mocking their audit as false when CBI inquiry was going on is a deliberate  disruption of the natural justice.

For three years the men who seemed to be saints have protected the corrupt and god knows how many more are being protected likewise. Defending the corrupt is also corruption.

Politicians should know that if ignited, there can be an eruption of public anger unequalled in the history of mankind because there is a limit to everyone’s patience and this country possesses more young blood than any nation on earth.

Better be prepared.