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Bihar Elections – Development is the Caste and the Religion



When you provide food, water, shelter and security to the people, votes flow themselves.  When you donate money to temples and Math’s, when you distribute cheap saris to women, when you denotify land so that your kith and kin can grab whole of it – don’t think people will just watch and forget.

Though it seems people are inert and are simply watching the drama unfolding in Karnataka, the result in Bihar proves otherwise. People have short memory for the smaller crimes, not for the crimes of the mammoth scale perpetrated by Yediyurappa and co.

Winning 206 seats in Bihar where caste is deeply rooted in the society is a fantastic achievement. People have not forgotten the crimes of Lalu, Paswan and the Congress party. The votes for BJP is not surprising; unlike in other states, in Bihar BJP leaders are the product of JP movement and are secular.

Manmohan Singh’s accusation that Bihar misused central funds was a farce. The funds were from the elected government, not from the coffers of the Congress party. Making it an election issue was utter non sense.

Rahul’s latest discovery of two India’s and the application of this theory in the badlands of Bihar boomeranged well. Biharis simply asked – who created two Indias?

Once a model state, Karnataka is being strangled at the hands of corrupt BJP government and once most corrupt Bihar is on the path of development by the same party and JDU alliance.

If national parties want  landslide victories in states elections, they must groom clean, popular, regional politicians and project them as their Chief Ministerial candidates. The Congress party must learn a lesson or two from the Bihar election. It’s poster boy Rahul can not win elections everywhere. The losses in Gujarat, Orissa, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh for the Congress party is because of absence of regional charismatic leaders. There are many capable leaders, but the in-fights within the party and indulgence of High Command in every decision-making process has only affected the electoral prospectus.

I am sure, if the Congress party doesn’t groom a charismatic leader like YSR in Andhra Pradesh, it will definitely lose the hold on this state too.

Overall lesson is that parties should focus more on solving the problems on ground rather than indulging in corruption, nepotism, cronyism and rhetorics.

One shouldn’t take people for granted based on the false assumptions of support from one’s caste – development should be the caste and creed for the parties.