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Water Water Everywhere But Not a Drop to Drink…..

In July 2006 Mumbai was paralyzed by heavy Monsoon rains that left more than 850 people dead and millions displaced.The rains exposed those inherent loopholes in the urban planning that routinely bring miseries to the city dwellers in India.

Yesterday Veeral Dholakia was beaten to death by the unruly police for protesting on the street against Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation for not letting him have enough water to survive in that maximum city. It is not anymore shocking to see a man die for seeking his fundamental right in democratic country of ours.

On one side we have heavy rainfall inundating  the city and on the other side we have vast ocean full of water, but still there is no water.

Now they are blaming poor Monsoon and poor urban planning for the lack of drinking water and its supply.

Far away in Latin America, a land-locked country called Bolivia is facing the same problem. The people of La Paz and its twin city El Alto are going through worst water crisis in their lives thanks to the fast retreating glaciers that were the source of fresh water all these years.

They are blaming it on climate change.