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Google Chrome, What a Beauty!

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Get ready to uninstall Opera, Safari, IE and sadly Firefox too.

Google Chrome is here and what a beast it is!

After using every browser availabele on the net I had zeroed on the Firefox. It was my favourite browser till now but then came Google’s killer application…..It promised many innovations for the changing net habits and I must tell you it seems it has delivered the goods.

The java application is superb and is very fast. uses java application. It used to take minimum of 30 seconds to open this site on firefox with a speed og 56kbps.

Google Chrome opened this site within 5 seconds. I was totally surprised. I think it is its USP.

Then I could open multiple PDF’s in different tabs without much hiccups and also faster.

One more thing I noticed is that this browser is so designed as to look as if you are browsing using Fullscreen mode. Web pages look cool in this browser now.

The webpages took less time to get loaded than in any other browser.

I am not a broaband subscriber, i use dial-up and i think i have finally got a faster and robust browser.

You don’t need any download managers, toolbars with multiple search engines; all are embedded into one and it is simply user-friendly.

Incidentally there are few things such as safe browsing (incognito window), easy accsess to history are similar to those which have been lately incorporated into IE8. But you must already be knowing that IE8 is a huge disappointment.

For now I noticed just these things………………..and it is love at first sight.

Simplicity is what I love most.

Sorry firefox!