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Tryst with History: World Awaits a New Global Order

By Vinay

History does not repeat for those people who have never read the history and for those people who are buried in the past.

The most advanced nations of the contemporary world are still buried deep in the past, in their perceptions of the world order and disorder. They are blinded by their misconceptions and Narcissist attitude.

For United States of America, China is a country where gross human rights violations routinely occur. Excuses are not hard to generate when they themselves are confronted by their own blunders.

For the West, India is a country where poverty, misery, hunger and noise are the order of the day. For them it is hard to shed their colonial cloak. Myopia must be treated and new vision must be restored.

For them the growth of these two giants is indigestible. The great success story of the two nations, once suppressed, remotely gives them chill down their spines. They will not admit it; for them, markets are more important than the morality.

Some five hundred years ago, when the West was scouting the world in search of materials, in the East, India and China were constantly climbing the ladder of economic, scientific, intellectual, cultural and social advancement. From 1500 to 1700 A.D. both China and India contributed more than 50 percent of the world GDP. They were the richest countries in the world.

In 1700 India’s share of world GDP was 25 percent and in 1950 it was 3.5 percent.

Systemic annihilation of Indian economy by the British can not be explained in more detail than this.

 When the British were thrown out of the country by unarmed enlightened people of India, the country was one of the poorest in the world. The drain of wealth from India by the East India Company had thickened their skins; it took India 50 years to realize this and another 100 years to chase them out of the country.

By then, the Industrial revolution was made a grand success at the cost of another nation. The sweat of each soul of India had greased their machines in for away London and Manchester to make them the most powerful nation. The Empire was illegal.

History wanted to repeat and it was glaring at the Time.

Thirty years ago, a humiliated man named Deng Xiaoping formally buried the Cultural Revolution and opened the Chinese doors to the outside world. The dragon was introduced to the world. Thirty years later it has grown formidable and is feared everywhere. China is the latest fancy of every aspiring country today.

And fifteen years ago, a well educated man named Manmohan Singh, under the guidance of his patriarch P.V.Narasinha Rao formally buried the license Raj and socialism in India and if not fully, Indian doors were at least let open for the outside world. Slowly but steadily it captured its rightful place in the world. For ambitious Indians the world looks distorted, for some it is flat and for some it is simply not enough. They are on hunt. They are everywhere. It is only the beginning. It patiently awaits the reverence.

Soon India will be seen as a new benchmark. No country in the world has moral authority as clean as that of India to lead the world in the future.

China and India today contribute 25 percent of the world GDP. As I said earlier it is only the beginning.

The demise of USA has begun and the time has arrived to set a new global order.

History will repeat and it will end in a full circle.

This is the Age of Asia.